What does this mean to you?

From March 2024, stricter rules will come into effect from Google regarding data collection for ads and building target groups. Basically, the use of consent mode will be mandatory for visitors in the EEA (European Economic Area) to continue using things like personalized ads and remarketing. With consent mode, data collection will be less specific for visitors who do not consent to cookies being set, whereas currently all cookies are often collected by default.

The use of consent mode is desirable, both for AVG compliance and for compliance with the upcoming obligation from Google. The downside, however, is that the data collected will be less complete and specific to users who have not given consent. However, Google will use machine learning to model data from individuals who do not accept cookies, so that as complete an estimate as possible can still be made of, for example, conversion data and remarketing lists.

Exactly what this change means for data collection within Google Ads or Google Analytics is not yet entirely clear. However, we would like to inform you in advance.

Our advice is to contact your web developer or online marketer to maintain the most accurate view of conversion data (especially within Google Ads) and to discuss what is needed to set up Consent Mode V2 for your website. Instructions on how to implement Consent Mode and upgrade to V2 can be found on the developers.google page.

In addition, not every cookie notification will suffice. Google works with so-called CMP partners. To comply with Consent Mode V2, a cookie notification from one of these CMP partners must be integrated on the website. There are several solutions, but we recommend using Cookiebot.

This is now a change that Google is making, but speculation is circulating on the Internet that others will make similar changes as well. So it is wise to prepare for this in advance. If you have any questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us.

AVG compliance

Besides the advent of Google Consent Mode V2, it is of course important to be AVG compliant anyway and for that you do need a good cookie solution in ours. Webworx helps you implement a good cookie solution such as Cookiebot.