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SUCCESSFUL strategy with a valuable result

Whether simple adjustments or a complete transformation: strategy is the first step to (online) success. In this phase, we get to know you and your future users. We identify needs, explore opportunities and search together for solutions that fit your brand. With our strategic approach, we strengthen your online strategy and achieve valuable results.

Work with us

A solid strategy enables you to convey the right message, in the right way and at the right time. It strengthens your brand, creates a consistent user experience and brings successful online results. By laying the foundation with a thoughtful strategy, together we build strong and sustainable growth for your business.

Success builds on a strong foundation

Communication is key. Even when building - or redesigning - a website. Without thorough research and consultation, no solid strategy. We provide insights into the market, competition and target group. With this input, we create a valuable foundation for every web project.

Strategic services

We analyze the market, competitors and target market to identify the best opportunities.

Brand strategy

What are your core values and goals?

Brand positioning

Where is your unique position in the market?

Market Research

What are the market, competitors and target market doing?

Competitive Analysis

How distinctive are your competitors?

Customer survey

Gain insight into your customers' preferences, motivations and behaviors.

Bring focus to your ambitions

Working based on a strategy provides focus and direction in any web project. By clearly defining goals and making the right strategic choices, it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the path to online success.

Making the most of your potential

Working strategically minimizes risk and lets us maximize opportunities. By making the right decisions based on thorough research and insight, it increases the chances of more leads and conversion.

Strategy as a guide

By investing in strategic planning and analysis, we lay a solid foundation on which to build further. As a result, we anticipate challenges, discover new opportunities and make the right decisions. We take into account your goals, target group and market developments so that we can build websites and web shops that offer long-term value.



Erhun Yilman

Digital Designer & Front-end Developer

A judo enthusiast travels the world, enjoys travel and different cultures. Finds warmth in the company of dear friends.