Offsite backups

You don’t read it very often, that an entire data center burns down or fails. But so it can happen. Although we ourselves have not been affected by this fire (all our data is in the Netherlands and Germany and we are not a customer of OVHcloud), it is of course always wise to take such risks into account. For this reason, we make an “offsite” backup of your website every night. So should an entire data center go up in smoke, your data will always still be stored in another location. Offsite backups unfortunately cannot ensure that your website will be offline for a long time in the event of such a failure, because these backups will have to be restored by us first.

Dynamic VPS failover, high availability setup

For mission-critical websites, we have a great solution for this: dynamic VPS failover. With our dynamic VPS failover, all sites on the primary server are kept in sync with a secondary/backup server in another data center. At least 1x to a maximum of 24x a day, all data from the primary server is synchronized to the secondary server. Our premium DNS service monitors both servers. As soon as the primary server goes offline all web traffic will automatically be forwarded to the ip address of the secondary server. So you also have a second server available at all times, which can be used as a new “production” server.
This is not the same as load balancing, where visitors are continuously distributed over multiple servers.