Open source systems such as WordPress and Craft CMS, for example, are very user-friendly and popular content management system (CMS) and can be used for a wide variety of websites. New updates are released regularly. These updates can vary from small subtle changes to completely new functionalities. How often do you update your website? Many people are satisfied with their website and therefore do not see the point of these updates. It is often seen as an extra burden or unnecessary expense they are not willing to incur. But just like the operating system of your smartphone or computer, websites also need to be updated regularly.

Why do I need to update my website?

WordPress in particular is unfortunately not only popular among web builders and marketers, but hackers are also increasingly targeting WordPress. About one in five websites worldwide uses WordPress, so WordPress is also a very interesting system for malicious hackers.

Of course, stopping this group of people starts with proper security for your WordPress website, for example, secure passwords and proper permissions for files and folders. Performing updates ensures that already known security vulnerabilities are closed. Currently, as many as 86% of hacked WordPress websites have outdated software (see infographic). In addition, updates also improve the stability and speed of your website and add new features to WordPress.

Can I update my website myself?

In many cases, yes. For example, WordPress has a very simple update process, which will work fine for most websites. In some cases, an update can cause damage to a website, so make sure that the version used can handle your theme and plugins. It is therefore important to make a good backup of your files and database beforehand. The longer it has been since your WordPress was updated, the greater the risk that something can go wrong. You can find more information about performing updates at

Outsource WordPress maintenance

We know from experience that many users unfortunately neglect to perform website updates in a timely manner. Thus, these sites are extra vulnerable to hackers. Once a website is hacked then it again brings additional costs to restore it to its original state. But even worse, you may also miss out on potential customers and sales.

We offer our customers the option of using a maintenance contract. We monitor your website remotely and check for new updates several times a month. Before we install an update on your website, we make an extensive backup. Prevention is better than cure, but sometimes a website does get hacked. In that case, we fix it for you as soon as possible! In addition, you have access to our quick support, so for all other questions, you can immediately call in the help of Webworx.