The common misconception is that custom CMSs are inherently more customizable than their open-source counterparts. However, the water runs deeper than this superficial notion. Let’s dive into the true depth of the customizability and adaptability of these platforms.

Open-source CMS: Beyond the basics

Popular open-source CMS platforms, such as WordPress, have evolved tremendously over the years and have transcended their original offerings. Their strength lies not only in their out-of-the-box features, but also in their extensive customization capabilities.

Here are a few benefits:

Besides advantages, there are also some disadvantages:

Custom CMS: Customization from the ground up

Although a custom CMS is built specifically for customized needs, this does not automatically mean that it can be modified without limit.

Disadvantages of custom CMS:

Adjustment: it’s not about the label

It is important to understand that “custom” in “custom CMS” means that it is specially customized, but that does not necessarily mean that it is easily customizable. On the other hand, although “open-source” stands for openness and community-driven improvements, WordPress has shown that it can be just as flexible, if not even more flexible, than a custom solution.

Finding the right balance

During our journey, we recognized the strengths of both platforms. We leverage the vast capabilities of WordPress, but adapt it to a level where it closely matches a company-specific feel. This hybrid approach allows us to leverage the best of both worlds – the vast potential of open source and the tailored feel of custom solutions.

Conclusion: adaptability knows no bounds

The world of CMSs is vast and varied. Whether you choose open-source platforms or custom solutions (or SaaS?), remember that customization is not tied to the label. It’s more about understanding the depth of what a platform offers and aligning it with your vision. We work with the client to find a CMS that not only meets current needs, but also has the potential to grow with your (online) ambitions.

Webworx builds websites based on the open-source systems WordPres, Craft and Statamic, as well as custom websites and platforms based on Laravel or Symphony, for example. We have also recently started working with SaaS solutions such as Shopify and Contentful. Together with the customer we look at what the appropriate solution is based on wishes and budget.