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A digital makeover with a new web shop




About the project

Burkely, one of the oldest leather goods companies in the Netherlands, makes durable, stylish bags and accessories. However, their ambitions did not yet shine through in their online presence. That is why they were looking for a new website. One that fully fit their brand identity. The goal was to bring out their core values of sophistication, quality and style in their online presence. This resulted in a new webshop with a modern look where the customer experience is central.

  • Webshop
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Branding & Identity

Brand identity

With Burkely's target audience, it is clear: they are looking for fashionable, well-made products. By bringing out sophistication, quality and style in their branding, it effectively matches their needs. With their revamped online presence, they attract the right customers and retain customer loyalty.

A visual experience

With mood photos, Webworx brought the visual identity together with Burkely's core values. In a thoughtful way, we used product photos in the design. We interwove these images with elements from their corporate identity to create a stylish whole. As a result, we built a modern and fashionable web shop.

UX approach

User experience (UX) was central to Burkely's web project. The focus was on intuitive design and smooth navigation. Relevant content was created we in collaboration with specialized SEO marketers. We always looked through the eyes of the user and prioritized their needs and preferences. In this way, we attracted the user's attention in a targeted way and strengthened brand interactions.

Transforming for online success

The revamped online platform now fully reflects the brand identity. With the successful transformation, Burkely benefits from increased customer engagement, returning visitors and customer satisfaction. This ensures that Burkely maintains a strong market position, attracting more new customers and retaining loyal ones. Ultimately, this will result in more conversions and better brand recognition.


Jeroen Denissen

Founder & Developer

Jeroen developed his first website more than 20 years ago and started his own company in 2006. He still loves coming up with cool stuff and developing innovative code!