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A Digital Door to Hospitality




About the project

Webworx had the great opportunity to develop a unique brand identity and website for Noek, the place for culinary conviviality in Gilze. We created an online home that does justice to Noek's warm and inviting atmosphere. The website is a digital preview of the cozy corners and delicious food, allowing visitors to look forward to their visit to Noek, where good times and fantastic food await them.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Brand identity

Noek's look blends cozy atmospheres with clean, modern lines, capturing the essence of a friendly neighborhood meeting place. With a logo that feels like a welcome sign and colors that exude comfort, every part of the design invites people to relax, enjoy a meal and appreciate the simple pleasures of good company and delicious food.

A visual experience

Subtle animations bring a playful spark to Noek's website, facilitating navigation as you click and scroll. They are like silent hints that lead you onward to the cozy bustle and tasty bites that await you at Noek's

Taste the Pure Taste of the Season

The design for Noek's website reflects their passion for fresh, seasonal food, with an emphasis on ease of navigation and attractive imagery. Tailored to embody Noek's balance of quality and affordability, the site provides a digital experience that is as welcoming as a visit to Noek, showcasing their dedication to accessible, seasonal-inspired cuisine.

Fresh Start

With the simultaneous development of Noek's new brand identity and website, we created a harmonious digital reflection of Noek's accessibility. This should ensure a diverse audience of both new and returning customers. This strategic move strengthens Noek's market position, increases conversions and significantly increases their recognition in the culinary world.


Jeroen Denissen

Founder & Developer

Jeroen developed his first website more than 20 years ago and started his own company in 2006. He still loves coming up with cool stuff and developing innovative code!