WordPress is a secure and reliable system, provided it (like many other software packages) is updated in a timely manner. WordPress is secure with the right knowledge and resources therefore let Webworx manage your WordPress website. Be assured of expert maintenance and prompt / friendly technical support.

WordPress maintenance subscription

We monitor your website remotely and check your website for new updates. Before we install an update on your website, we make an extensive backup. Prevention is better than cure, but sometimes a website does get hacked. In that case, we will solve this for you as soon as possible and free of charge during office hours!


Structural maintenance of WordPress is important. This keeps your website secure and up-to-date.

WordPress is a very user-friendly and popular content management system (CMS) and can be used for a wide variety of websites. New WordPress updates are released regularly, these updates can range from small subtle changes to completely new features or security updates.

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Why WordPress maintenance, hosting and support?

Managed WordPress hosting

We host your website on our blazing fast “performance” WordPress hosting. Equipped with the latest hardware, (serverside) caching, database object caching, CDN, various optimizations, etc..

Updates and performance checks

We perform controlled updates of WordPress, plugins and themes several times a month. In addition, we make (multiple) backups of your website daily and store them in a secure location.

WordPress ‘hardening’

A watertight security for your WordPress website, in addition to our Web Application Firewall and malware scanner. This gives optimal protection for your website and your visitors’ data against attacks.

Premium plugins

Use several premium plugins for free, including ACF Pro, GravityForms, Akismet and EWWW image optimizer.

Free CDN

Load content quickly and efficiently through our CDN, this ensures images and website assets are always loaded from a server near you… A must have for websites with an international audience!

Quick support

If you have any questions, we will help you get started quickly, our WordPress specialists can be reached quickly by email or phone.

Professional SMTP relay

Thanks to our SMTP relay solution based on Amazon SES, contact forms, order confirmations and other WordPress emails are always delivered cleanly and quickly to your inbox.

24/7 website monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7, as soon as we notice anything going wrong we intervene immediately.